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ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System
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The ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing system is a benchtop setup which measures the hydrodynamic radius and diffusion coefficient for species in solution.

It is ideal for use in protein production, purification, analysis and crystallization labs. Key features and benefits include:

• Low sample requirement—the system requires less than 1 µL for analysis thus saving precious material. A low volume nanolitre injector valve is used for sample injection.
• Large dynamic range—can determine hydrodynamic radii from low to high concentrations—no pre-treatment required.
• Ideal for membrane proteins—the ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System uses UV absorbance of the species to determine hydrodynamic radius. As detergents are invisible to UV light, difficult samples such as membrane proteins are easy to characterise.

The ActiPix™ Nano-Sizing System shown in uses a novel approach to measure the hydrodynamic radius for proteins. It utilises Paraytec’s award winning UV area imaging technology. The technique allows proteins to be used in their native form, without any labelling or denaturation. A plug of protein solution is injected into a fused silica capillary via an injector valve, driven through the capillary by application of pressure via a syringe pump, and detected using ActiPix™ UV area imaging technology as it passes imaging windows at the entrance to and exit from a loop in the capillary.