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ACTI-VOC™ is a robust low-flow pump for sampling vapour-phase organic compounds (VOCs) onto sorbent tubes for subsequent analysis by thermal desorption (TD).

Being lightweight, easy-to-use and intrinsically safe, ACTI-VOC is ideal for personal monitoring and a wide range of other air and gas sampling applications.

Optimised for thermal desorption tubes

Unlike other personal monitoring pumps on the market, ACTI-VOC is optimised for sampling onto thermal desorption tubes, and automatically compensates for different impedances, ensuring constant flow rates whatever the sorbent packing.

Product highlights

• Optimised for sampling onto thermal desorption tubes
• Compatible with any thermal desorption tube (up to a max. flow of 350 mL/min)
• Constant-flow sampling from 20–200 mL/min
• Constant-pressure sampling from 1–350 mL/min
• Simple screw-operated flow adjustment makes ACTI-VOC easy to calibrate
• Intrinsically safe (ATEX-approved)
• Long battery life ensures stable performance for over 8 hours
• Pocket-sized, lightweight and easy to use
• Supplied in a convenient carry-case with charger and accessories