AcroSep™ Chromatography Columns for Ion Exchange

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Rapid, high capacity protein purification in a user-friendly format.

  • Patented ceramic HyperD® ion exchange chromatography resin features “gel-in-a-shell” technology, providing rapid protein purification with high capacity and good resolution.
  • Rapid and efficient. Obtains high speed runs (1-4 mL/min) with very little loss in binding capacity and resolution, allowing more samples to be processed per day.
  • Higher resolution for 1 mL columns. Columns provide distinct separation of proteins for better purification.
  • Luer lock inlet and outlet allows convenient use with syringe, pump, or automated chromatography system.
  • User-friendly column design is color-coded and labeled by chemistry type. Collar is hexagonal so columns will not unexpectedly roll off lab surface.