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AcroPrep™ Advance filter plates are the newest edition to Pall’s filter plate family. New sealing technology and advanced tip design make these the first choice in critical sample prep applications. The filter plates feature an array of Pall media which is optimized for specific applications including:
Lysate Clearance
DNA purification
Protein purification
Multiplex assays
Aqueous filtration
Particulate removal
Size exclusion
Bead-based assays
Neonatal screening
Flow cytometry
Solvent filtration
Concentration, purification and desalting of proteins and nucleic acids

AcroPrep Advance Features and Benefits
Smooth well design – Provides consistency in filtration times, as well as efficient sample and bead recovery
Optimized outlet tips – Minimizes sample leakage during incubation steps and reduces the presence of hanging drops following filtration.
New well geometry – Results in faster, more uniform filtration rates across the plate, thereby improving well-to-well, plate-to-plate and lot-to-lot consistency.
100% visual inspection – Ensures each well has proper membrane placement and is free from debris. Automation compatible – Manufactured in accordance with SBS guidelines, allowing plates to be run in manual, semi-automated and automated processes.