AcroPrep™ Advance Filter Plates for Lysate Clearance

Manufacturer Pall Life Sciences Laboratory Products  |  Available Worldwide

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The AcroPrep™ Advance filter plates for lysate clearance effectively remove cellular debris quickly and allow for the use of additional wash steps to maximize sample recovery. Filtration can be accomplished by either vacuum manifold or centrifugation, ultimately maximizing your choice in protocols.

The purification of biomolecules (DNA, RNA and proteins) from prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell lines can be problematic. The AcroPrep™ Advance filters plates for lysate clearance provide a prefilter for relatively quick and easy clarification of samples: in addition, the new well geometry ensures faster flow rates and reduced hold up volumes for efficient recovery of biomolecules.


  • Integrated prefilter yields consistent filtration of samples with high levels of gross particulate
  • New well geometry results in faster, more uniform filtration rates across the plate with reduced hold-up volume
  • Manufactured with biologically inert materials that allow clarification of most types of lysates without loss of the target molecule


  • Removal of Bacterial debris prior to plasmid purification
  • Removal of bacterial and cellular debris prior to protein purification
  • Clearance of gross particulates