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Protea's Acetylated Peptide Standards are lyophilized peptides that are useful for standardization and method development.

Each Peptide Standard is Certified Mass Spec Grade and provided in convenient, lyophilized vials for easy reconstitution and usage.


  • Certified Mass Spec Grade
  • Lyophilized for long shelf-life
  • Easy reconstitution

Research Applications:

  • Method development for peptide mapping studies
  • Internal standards peptide analysis
  • Standardization of affinity capture and selective enrichment protocols

Acetylated Peptide Standards:

  • Acetylated Angiotensin II (PS-530)
  • Acetylated Annexin 1 (PS-531)
  • Acetylated Calcitonin (15-29) (PS-532)
  • Acetylated Peptide Standard Mixture I (PS-540)
  • Acetylated Peptide Standard Mixture II (PS-541)

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