ACEA Biosciences RT-CES: 16x CES Device Plates

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ACEA Biosciences RT-CES: 16x CES Device Plates
Label Free, Live Cell Monitoring of Cell Based Assays

RT-CES 16x Device Plates in microtiter format.

For use with ACEA Biosciences RT-CES: SP System

The ACEA Biosciences RT-CES™ Device Plate utilizes revolutionary biosensor technology for label-free, real-time monitoring of cell based assays. The core of the system is the electrical impedance cell sensor arrays integrated into the bottom of our microtiter plates which provide continuous, quantitative information about the biological status of attached cells. The Device plates plug into the RT-CES station inside the incubator, which is connected to the RT-CES analyzer and software outside the incubator. Any changes to cell number, size, morphology, or attachment quality will be detected in real-time without the use of reporter reagents. Proven assays include:

• Receptor activation (GPCR, RTK, etc.)
• Adhesion
• Compound mediated cytotoxicity
• Cell mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC, NK, etc.)
• Allergen Response

The integrated software allows data to be collected and saved automatically as often as every minute over virtually any time period. RT-CES is ideal for drug discovery and research applications involving cancer research, receptor/ligand interaction, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, and toxicology.

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ACEA Biosciences RT-CES: 16x CES Device Plates

Manufacturer ACEA Biosciences, Inc.

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