ACD/LC & GC Simulator

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ACD/LC and GC Simulator

ACD/LC and GC Simulator help you to optimize concentration gradient, temperature, and resolution of your separation during method development. Using either a database of experimental chromatograms, or calculations of physicochemical properties such as boiling point, logP, logD, and pKa, ACD/LC and GC Simulator models chromatograms and predicts optimal separation conditions and retention times for your compounds. 

  •  Optimize your gradient, solvent concentration, temperature, pH, and more 
  •  Predict retention times for new compounds under existing methods 
  • Automatically match peaks between LC/UV (DAD, PDA) datasets based on spectral similarity 
  •  Visualize the effect of changing your method conditions with predicted chromatograms 
  •  Process raw chromatographic data from many different vendor instruments