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ACD/UV-IR Manager provides centralized capabilities to analyze, process, report, and manage optical-like spectra in a continuous range from 1 cm-1 to 100,000 cm-1 (100 to 10,000,000 nm) which spans techniques associated with the classical electromagnetic spectrum—from microwave, Near-, Middle-, and Far-Infrared, Raman, Visible, Ultraviolet, to Far-UV. Access and management of laboratory projects are simplified in one interface, leading to net efficiency improvements.
Several built-in automation, applied chemometrics, and visualization tools help the scientist automatically analyze results as well as provide a focused view on the knowledge of interest. Customizable data viewing dashboards, graphing tools, and report templates are conveniently provided.

Key Capabilities

• Broad Generic Hyphenated Data Analysis Capabilities: Access and process data for the whole optical range, from vacuum UV to far IR including Raman spectra, within a single program interface.
• Easy Vibrational Interpretation: Interpret and assign functional groups in infrared and Raman spectra with ease using built-in interactive computer-assisted structure-to-spectrum algorithms and knowledge base.
• Straightforward Automation: Automate routine tasks with advanced macro processing tools. Run, store, and organize the macro programs within a user friendly interface.
• Intuitive Peak Fitting: Reveal "hidden" features within overlapped peaks with the built-in Peak Fitting tool for advanced spectrum analysis.
• State-of-the-Art Reporting Tools: Publish and present the analysis results by producing professional quality reports or posters without leaving ACD/UV-IR Manager. This program can transfer spectra, tables, structures, and graphics into any Windows document as OLE-objects or pictures.
ACD/UV-IR Manager may be augmented with these commercial spectral databases:
• Infrared Spectral Libraries
• ACD/Elsevier FT-Raman and FT-IR Polymer Database
• ACD/NIST IR Database
• Coblentz Society Special Collections for ACD/Labs
• FDM FT-IR Databases
• S.T. Japan FT-IR and Raman Databases for ACD/Labs
• Raman Spectral Libraries
• ACD/Elsevier FT-Raman and FT-IR Polymer Database
• FDM Raman Databases
• S.T. Japan FT-IR and Raman Databases for ACD/Labs

Also Available

ACD/SpecManager—integrated data management for various spectroscopic methods such as NMR, Chromatography, UV-IR, and Mass Spec, enabling high-throughput processing and interpretation with powerful custom tools and macro capabilities.