ACD/Spectrus Workbooks by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/Spectrus Workbooks

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ACD/Spectrus Workbooks are a portfolio of technique-specific software for spectroscopists, spectrometrists, and separations scientists that provide advanced data processing, interpretation, and knowledge management. This new generation of ACD/Labs’ expert analytical tools build upon almost two decades of experience to provide:

• Advanced processing and interpretation at your desktop—continuing collaborations with vendors allow us to provide data format support for all major instruments.
• Chemical intelligence in the treatment of analytical data—ACD/Labs’ software uniquely integrates chemical structure with analytical data so you can extract answers from your experiments.
• Multi-technique processing and interpretation—basic processing and interpretation for NMR, LC/UV/MS, IR, Raman, and more are included.
• A project environment to organize all study-related information—facilitate decision-making for current and future projects.
• Knowledge management for collaborative science—workbooks surpass traditional data storage and access to enable knowledge-sharing within laboratories and departments, throughout and between organizations.