ACD/Solubility DB by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/Solubility DB

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ACD/Solubility DB calculates aqueous solubility at any pH (0–14) as well as intrinsic solubility and solubility of the chemical dissolved in pure (unbuffered) water.

An important feature of ACD/Solubility DB is its ability to assume a different pH for the aqueous layer. This software is frequently used by the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers to filter libraries of compounds for a specified solubility range, by development chemists who seek to create chemical compounds with specific solubilities at a given pH, and by chemists involved in purification (by recrystallisation) and biomedical uptake of compounds.

Key Capabilities

• Predict solubility at a given pH
• View the solubility profile and distribution of species across the full pH range 0–14
• Better understand your compound(s) and improve solubility

Also Available

ACD/Solubility Batch—predict solubility values for thousands of compounds at one time with minimal operator intervention.