ACD/MS Processor by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/MS Processor

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ACD/MS Processor
Process your mass spectral data with software designed for convenient analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results. Whether you have a single mass spectrum (MS), tandem mass spectra (MS/MS, MS/MS/MS, ..., MSn), or a hyphenated data set (LC/MS, LC/DAD, CE/MS, and GC/MS), ACD/MS Processor allows you to process all of your mass spectral data in a consistent manner, no matter which instrument make or model was used to acquire the data.

Features of the ACD/MS Processor 
  •  Process data from different instrument models and makes)-MS data 
  •  Automatically assign mass fragments to spectral peaks 
  •  Component Detection Algorithm (CODA) and COMPARELCMS for LC/MS data 
  •  Attach chemical structures to spectra including shaded Markush representations

Benefits of the ACD/MS Processor 
  •  Consistent, uniform data processing of data 
  •  Reduce noise and extract relevant information from data sets 
  •  Create reports quickly and easily