ACD/MS Manager by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/MS Manager

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Software for processing, interpreting, and storing MS data.

ACD/MS Manager allows you to process all types of mass spectrometric data, including data from Thermo, AB SCIEX, Waters, Agilent, Bruker, Varian, Shimadzu, and other instruments. Unify data processing, build fully searchable databases of mass spectra, and simplify the sharing of information and report generation.


• Process data from different instrument models and makes
• Automatically assign mass fragments to spectral peaks
• COmponent Detection Algorithm (CODA) and COMPARELCMS for LC/MS data
• Attach chemical structures to spectra including shaded Markush representations
• Build databases of mass spectra, searchable by a variety of structure and spectral parameters


• Consistent, uniform data processing of data
• Reduce noise and extract relevant information from data sets
• Create reports quickly and easily
• Database information and easily find it