ACD/MS Fragmenter by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/MS Fragmenter

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ACD/MS Fragmenter
Predict mass fragmentation in just seconds with ACD/MS Fragmenter. Simply draw a structure, select an ionization technique and polarity, and get instant predictions for almost any MS experiment. ACD/MS Fragmenter predicts fragment ions based on established MS fragmentation rules from the literature and allows you to review the rules to gain a clear understanding of your molecule’s fragmentation.

Features of the ACD/MS Fragmenter
  •  Predict fragmentation for small molecules of up to 255 atoms + hydrogens 
  •  Predict fragments from both positive and negative ionization 
  •  Review key fragmentation pathways and ion structures in a convenient fragmentation tree 
  •  Create several types of fragmentation reports including Branch, Scheme, Compact, and Detailed

Benefits of the ACD/MS Fragmenter
  •  Gain a better understanding of the fragmentation of your molecule 
  •  Review possible fragment ion structures, without bias 
  •  Report fragmentation pathways for reports or publications with ease