ACD/IntelliXtract by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/IntelliXtract extracts all chromatographic components in LC/MS datasets, and assigns [M+H]+ or [M-H]- for each component. Whether used to complement manual data examination, or for fully automated analysis, IntelliXtract can reduce interpretation time and confirm the presence of co-eluting or trace components which otherwise may have been overlooked. IntelliXtract will help analysts quickly understand their results, and extract the information of interest.

Features of ACD/IntelliXtract
  •  Automatically assign [M+H]+ or [M-H]- for each component 
  •  Resolve overlapping peaks and identify co-eluting components 
  •  View reconstructed pure component spectra for each chromatographic component 
  •  Automatically analyze batches of samples

Benefits of ACD/IntelliXtract
  •  Find all relevant components, even at low concentrations or when co-eluting with other components 
  •  Reduce interpretation time with advanced filters 
  •  Work with data from most major instrument vendors