ACD/IntelliTarget by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/IntelliTarget lets you quickly find those compounds you already know about, without manual data interpretation. Monitor samples analyzed by LC/MS and GC/MS for a list of expected compounds, and be alerted if they are present or not-even at trace levels, or when co-eluting with other compounds. Use IntelliTarget to evaluate samples for further analysis, or to monitor specific compounds in your process.

Features of ACD/IntelliTarget
  •  Specify a list of known compounds by formula or monoisotopic mass 
  •  Automatically assign [M+H]+ or [M-H]- for each component 
  •  Extract and identify adducts—with or without the exact formula 
  •  Resolve overlapping peaks and co-eluting components 
  •  Automate to analyze or monitor batches of samples

Benefits of ACD/IntelliTarget
  •  Find known compounds quickly, even at low concentrations 
  •  Reduce the time required for data interpretation 
  •  Work with data from most major instrument vendors."