ACD/ChromGenius by Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs)

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ACD/ChromGenius predicts retention times and chromatograms based on the structures of the compounds to be separated, and allows you to select the best generic separation method for your sample, prior to injection. ACD/ChromGenius reduces the number of screening experiments needed, by helping you determine which methods will work and which will fail, before you perform a single separation or sample preparation.

Features of ACD/ChromGenius 

  •  Predict retention times and chromatograms of samples, based on chemical structure 
  •  Set restrictions on separation conditions and parameters to focus results 
  •  Display a color-coded summary of method suitability, predicted chromatograms and more 
  •  Train ACD/ChromGenius predictions with your own structures and experimental data 
  •  Automate ACD/ChromGenius to rapidly screen lists of samples

Benefits of ACD/ChromGenius 

  •  Increase sample throughput by speeding method selection 
  •  Achieve enhanced separation quality and increased accuracy 
  •  Reduce iterative experiments and instrument downtime