Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Surfactant LC Column

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The Thermo Scientific Acclaim™ Surfactant columns are high-efficiency silica-based HPLC columns for separating a wide variety of surfactants, including anionic, cationic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants.

Due to their novel chemistry, these columns exhibit a unique polarity that provides significantly improved resolution for individual oligomers of ethoxylated surfactants, compared with conventional C18 columns.

The Acclaim Surfactant columns can be used with evaporative light scattering detectors (ELSD), suppressed conductivity detectors (SCD), and UV-Vis detectors (UV). These columns are resistant to dewetting under highly aqueous mobile phase conditions, and thus can be used to provide excellent resolution between strongly hydrophilic compounds, such as isomers of xylene sulfonate.

Acclaim™ Surfactant LC Column Features:

  • Ideal selectivity for mixtures of different types of surfactants
  • Excellent peak shapes for cationic surfactants
  • Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases
  • Improved resolution for ethoxylated surfactants
  • Rugged separations under a variety of conditions
  • Methods compatible with various detectors

Column Details:

  • Particle Size: 5 µm
  • Pore Size: 120 Å
  • Length: 150, 250 mm
  • ID: 2.1, 3.0, 4.6 mm

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Product Image

Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Surfactant LC Column

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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