AbSolve™ Glassware Cleaner

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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ABSOLVE Glassware Cleaner easily and inexpensively removes serious RNase or DNA contamination (autoclaving does not destroy DNA). Simply soak plastic and glassware in a 2% solution for 30 minutes, rinse and use.

ABSOLVE is also ideal for prewashing plastic tubes for polymerase chain reactions (PCR). ABSOLVE prevents DNA contamination of storage and reaction vessels from exogeneous sources.

In addition, ABSOLVE can be used to clean glassware for electrophoresis. Glass plates rinse easily and ABSOLVE leaves no residue to interfere with gel polymerization or silver staining.

Safe, non-abrasive ABSOLVE does not etch glass, contain strong acids, or emit toxic fumes.