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ABgene SuperPlate

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The ABgene SuperPlate range has been specifically engineered with enhanced thermal resistance to reduce warping typically encountered when plates are exposed to the rapid temperature increases and decreases of thermal cycling. Through a combination of innovative design and a specially selected polymer, we have created the most rigid polypropylene plate available on the market.

ABgene PCR plates are designed and tested for optimal PCR performance. Quality control includes leak testing, electrostatic pin-hole detection, material flexibility assays, and PCR. Uniform, thin walled wells give optimal heat transfer, reducing variation between samples. Raised rim design improves seal integrity for superior and consistent sealing virtually eliminating evaporation.

ABgene SuperPlates are available in three 96-well formats making them compatible with all major PCR and QPCR thermal cyclers and sequencers. All SuperPlates are also available in white to provide the highest level of sensitivity and lowest variance for QPCR.


  • 0.2ml maximum well volume in 96-well PCR plate format
  • Enhanced thermal stability for reduced warping and easy removal from the thermal block
  • Thin walled design for maximum heat transfer
  • Black Lettered alphanumeric grid-referencing (AB-2400, AB-2800)
  • Raised rim well design for improved sealing
  • Available in opaque white for optimal QPCR results
  • Clean room manufactured with virgin polypropylene and certified DNase, RNase and endotoxin free

Product Options

The AB-2100 semi-skirted SuperPlate includes a raised rim deck. Its unique raised rim provides an even greater amount of stability.

The AB-2400 semi-skirted SuperPlate is the AB-2100 without the raised rim deck. The flat deck makes this plate easier to seal whether using strip caps or adhesive seals.

The AB-2800 full skirted SuperPlate is the ultimate for high throughput users. The full skirt gives stability on any automated platform, whether track or deck based.

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