ABCA2 Automated Breath CO2 Analyser by Sercon

Manufacturer Sercon
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ABCA2 Automated Breath CO2 Analyser
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Average Rating: 4.7
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Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Clinical Pathology

"This is a GC-IRMS allows to us to analyse the ratio of 13C versus 12C (and more). With a urea breath test, we can perform therapeutic monitoring for Helicobacter Pylori. The ABCA2 is robust and the software is easy."

Review date: 18 Feb 2014 | ABCA2 Automated Breath CO2 Analyser
The ABCA2 is the high performance, high sample throughput isotope ratio mass spectrometer for breath analysis.

The outstanding performance and versatility, combined with user friendly software, make the ABCA2 the only choice for 13C breath tests. Superior performance, high sample throughput and unlimited sample capacity ensure that this is the ultimate instrument for Helicobacter pylori detection.

The ABCA2 provides a rapid, accurate and sensitive analysis of the metabolic product so providing an unparalleled level of precision, accuracy and reliability while combining automated analysis and a highly efficient sample throughput.

ABCA2 Automated Breath CO2 Analyser Features:

  • Full PC control of all system via Windows based software.
  • Compatible with LIMS systems.
  • Optional Bar code reader for secure patient identification and GLP compliance
  • Sercon XYZ sampler with five 48 place racks for 12ml vials meaning a total of 240 vials can be loaded at a time. With the bar code reader installed samples positions can be reloaded providing a high number of consecutive analyses.
  • A breath container may be analysed up to 5 times i.e. a stored sample may be re-analysed if a further measurement is requested.
  • Internal Reference Gas Injection for ease of calibration and laboratory quality control tests e.g. instrument linearity checks. Mimics a real sample by traveling through the complete sample flow path.
  • High quality regulator for gas control, digital flow sensor, normally closed valves configured to save gas and preserve consumables in the event of a power failure.
  • Total software control of the instrument system and data processing. Allows storage of sample analysis protocols and mass spectrometer tuning conditions to comply with good laboratory practice
  • Standby mode to preserve consumable life during periods of low use.
  • Inter-file import / export facility from instrument PC to laboratory server or internet (allows rapid updating of software or transfer to common spreadsheet packages).


  • Fat malabsorption, pancreatic function, lactose intolerance, bile acid circulation, gastric emptying, liver function and metabolic turnover rate measurements.