ABBOTT PRISM Immunoassay Analyzer by Abbott Diagnostics

Manufacturer Abbott Diagnostics

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ABBOTT PRISM Immunoassay Analyzer
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The ABBOTT PRISM System is an automated immunoassay analyzer designed to perform Chemiluminescent immunoassay (ChLIA) technology. The ABBOTT PRISM performs batch/continuous access and STAT processing of specimens containing both large and small molecular weight analytes.

A high throughput, highly automated test system for blood screening

The ABBOTT PRISM is a fully automated, high-volume blood screening instrument designed to enhance the safety of the blood supply. Before a blood donation can enter the blood supply, it is tested for evidence of exposure to viruses that might cause disease. This screening process involves numerous assays, multiple test instruments and many manual steps. The ABBOTT PRISM instrument consolidates much of this testing into a single system, reducing errors and tampering by automating the manual testing procedures and steps currently used to screen blood.