SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 System by SCIEX

Manufacturer SCIEX
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SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 System

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LC-MALDI-MS as orthogonal technology to LC-ESI-MS
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Large scale proteomics experiments

"The TOF/TOF 5800 System was used in the lab in order to perform LC-MALDI-MS experiments. The system was found to be robust and relatively easy to use. Having a self-cleaning MALDI source helped to significantly decrease the number of interventions by service technicians. LC-MALDI-MS was found to deliver orthogonal information to LC-ESI-MS (e.g. different peptides identified, differences in the identification of phosphorlyation sites). Furthermore, the possibility of "storing" a chromatographic run on a MALDI target plate was extensively used, both for re-analysis of samples but also for new methods of relative protein quantification."

Review date: 28 Feb 2017 | SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 System

The SCIEX TOF/TOFTM 5800 System provides the fastest and most confident path to the identification and relative quantitation of proteins. The systems unmatched speed and sensitivity make it the ideal platform for biomarker discovery, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, and protein identification.

Features of the TOF/TOFTM 5800 System:

  • More than 10X faster data acquisition with new 1KHz laser and DynamicExitTM algorithm
  • Unique OPtiBeamTM on-axis laser irradiation increases sensitivity in both MS and MS/MS modes by 10x over systems without an on-axis laser
  • Maximum up-time and throughput by continuously heating of the source mirror and user programmable source mirror cleaning
  • Improved resolution with new reflectron mirror design and 1000 MHz digitizer
  • High-resolution precursor ion selection with novel timed-ion selector

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SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 System by SCIEX product image

SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 System

Manufacturer SCIEX

4.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews