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A100 C-Fast
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The Attana A100® C-Fast system provides kinetics, off-rate screening and selection of antibodies, without the need of labels, resulting in faster and more cost effective research.
Key System Features and Benefits:

A100 – Label free on-line kinetics plus much more
The A100 system is optimized for label-free, cost efficient, on-line kinetic studies (on/off rates and affinity), which provides considerable advantages over end-point assays such as ELISA. In addition, you can analyze crude samples without purification, making it easier to characterize and select monoclonal antibodies directly from cell culture media. A100 system also features integrated and accurate temperature control. This both enables thermodynamic studies and optimizes the environment when working with temperature sensitive reagents.

A100 – C-Fast autosampler maximizes productivity
The enhanced features of the A100 C-Fast system maximize productivity by allowing unattended analysis of up to 192 samples. The A100 C-Fast system can screen 200 combinations of antibody sandwich pairs in less than a day. Fast and intuitive set-up includes pre-programmed methods and templates further demonstrating the system’s efficiency.

A100 – Proven, reliable and versatile technology
The A100 is based on the proven, reliable and versatile QCM technology. Featuring user-friendly Attester® software for instrument control, data collection, data selection, reference subtraction, and data preparation for kinetic analyses, A100 delivers high quality data.

A100 – Cost effective research
The A100 is a cost-effective alternative for accessing in-depth analyses of molecular interactions, delivering high quality data for a variety of applications.

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