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"How many business operations can justify highly-skilled chemists spending up to a fifth of their time cutting and pasting reports?"

"A-S Report combiner cuts this time in half and provides a much higher quality end-product in a consistent and flexible format. This has had a significant impact on lab productivity and the quality of reports we send to our internal customers.”

Our application enables lab chemists to take images from the screen window they are working on, capture printed reports from any application and collect structures from structure drawing packages, all referenced through the sample ID and keywords. Then using a pre-defined Microsoft Word template, the Report Combiner automatically builds the final report from the database elements, which the internal customers can receive by email and attach to any electronic notebook.

Major benefits of our solution

• Big improvement in the quality of the report
• Significantly reduces the time and effort required
• Improved productivity in the lab
• Improved response time to internal customers
• Easy-to-use, flexible solution that consolidates output from multiple sources and diverse formats into a consistent standard layout