A-S LIMS Integration software

A-S LIMS Integration software

Aitken Scientific Ltd Software Integration

Software to Integrate LIMS with instruments Do you want accurate and effective tracking and management of medical, scientific or food samples through your laboratory? If so, your LIMS need...read more

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Software to Integrate LIMS with instruments

Do you want accurate and effective tracking and management of medical, scientific or food samples through your laboratory? If so, your LIMS needs to communicate seamlessly with your laboratory processes. You need… “a LIMS-lab pact”! Aitken Scientific made it happen for a major blue chip client – and it’s a universal system that can work for your laboratory too.

For example, Fluidigm’s Topaz Experiment Manager handles micro-titre plates from 96 up to 1536 formats each well holding different samples. Given that level of capacity, there was an enormous amount of manual intervention and re-keying involved to incorporate Topaz outputs into the lab operation.

Any input errors due to re-keying at the base data entry stage naturally compound at later stages, and could have a major impact on business processes down stream. This could have a major effect on regulatory areas too, in terms of the accuracy of sample tracking and subsequent records required for medical or other scientific bodies.

Aitken Scientific took on the task to create the LIMS-Lab interfaces that would eliminate the duplication and additional effort required of the scientists and lab technicians.

Our integrated software solution
Aitken Scientific developed the software interface, which extended the LIMS system to create seamless integration, communication and translation between LIMS and Topaz, with no re-keying or manual transcription of data.

This interface enables Topaz to prepare a query on the relevant sample data, translate the query into a format that the LIMS recognises, receive the data back from the LIMS and then convert it back into a format that Topaz recognises. This system is transparent in daily use, so requires no user training once implemented.

Simple, intuitive, accurate and effective… exactly the type of solution Aitken Scientific specialises in delivering.

Major benefits of the integration software

  • Dramatic improvements in throughput and lab technicians’ time and efficiency.
  • Associated enhancements in accuracy and quality of sample results for down stream business processes.
  • Significant reductions in manual intervention and manual/duplicated transcription of data, leading to dramatic improvement in lab technician job satisfaction!
  • Our solution will connect whichever LIMS you are using with whichever lab management process you have adopted – delivering a customised solution, regardless of the type of source machines.
  • Particularly beneficial application for CROs and the food industry where every sample has to be tested for quality standards reporting to regulatory bodies.

Aitken Scientific – dramatic workflow and throughput improvements – it’s what we do!
Can we improve workflow and throughput in YOUR lab environment?  We should be talking…


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