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A-S Automate Software Control
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A-S Automate enables you to integrate a wide range of instruments in a common, high performance, automated environment providing you with a means to radically increase productivity without the need to re-invest in a new control system.

Slash the learning curve

“We loved A-S Automate because it was so simple to use – turn it on, hit the green button and walk away. New staff training costs have been slashed with the simple design and implementation using this tool”


Setting up the system is simple and user-friendly. A-S Automate is fully programmable and tasks can be edited using a ‘drag-and-drop’ graphical system. The software can be configured to match your requirements exactly: hardware drivers are available to control a wide range of existing instruments, and new drivers can be created for new devices and added as required. It also has the ability to monitor events and react accordingly.


There’s no need to re-invest in a new control system: A-S Automate is designed to work with your existing software. It provides integrated support for other packages, including:

• Microsoft applications such as Excel and Word
• Third party instrument control systems
• Data Management Systems including Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Laboratory Information Management Systems.


A-S Automate is a cost-effective method of integrating high-performance automated processes. You can maximise each instrument’s productivity as well as enhancing the power and functionality of your existing software. This gives you a reliable, robust system which enables you to achieve greater efficiencies and increase the return on your capital investment. A-S Automate has already proved invaluable in a range of industry sectors.