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ZR RNA MiniPrep™

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The ZR RNA MiniPrep™ provides a quick method for high quality total RNA isolation from cells, needle biopsies, and tissue. The product isolates both large and small RNA species without the use of reducing agents or phenol. Small RNAs (e.g., tRNAs, microRNAs) can be recovered with a simple adjustment of the RNA isolation protocol. Eluted RNA is suitable for use in RT-PCR and other RNA-based procedures.


Format: Spin Column
• Sample Sources: Cells from culture or small amounts of solid tissue.
• Sample Size: 102 - 107 cells in suspension or solid form.
• RNA Recovery: RNA can be eluted into small volumes, ≥ 25 µl allowing for a highly concentrated sample. Maximum RNA binding capacity of provided column is ~25 µg.
• RNA Purity: High quality RNA (A260/A280>1.8, A260/A230>1.8) is recovered.
• Storage: ≤-70ºC. The addition of RNase inhibitors is optional but highly recommended for prolonged storage.
• Processing Time: 15 min
• Equipment Needed: Microcentrifuge