Vivo 2-Photon™ by Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i)

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Vivo 2-Photon™
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Vivo 2-Photon™ is a multiphoton microscopy system for high-speed deep tissue imaging. Key to the Vivo 2-Photon™ is its ability to operate additionally as a widefield microscopy imaging system. Modulation of laser power with focus depth enables the collection of multiple volumes per second with minimal photobleaching. 3i’s SlideBook™ software takes full advantage of the system's automation by seamlessly integrating components, including x-,y- and z-stage motion, filter control and light shuttering.

• High-speed 4fps @ 512x512 and 1,500lps
• Bi-directional scanning for maximum acquisition speed
• Dual GaAsP PMT nosepiece with exchangeable emission filters
• Laser power synchronized with z focus for optimal power at varying depth
• Beam blanking minimizes photodamage during overscan and ROI scan
• Motorized platform stage enables multi-position 6D acquisition