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Tecan’s Te-Shake orbital mixer offers software-controlled shaking and heating options for microplates, deep-well plates and microfuge tubes. Te-Shake is fully compatible with Tecan’s pipetting platforms, providing automated transport of plates to and from the shaker platform. With multiple configurations available, Te-Shake is sure to fit your laboratory’s specific application needs.

Te-Shake is easily integrated into Freedom EVO® or Genesis-based workstations. No external power supply is necessary. Straightforward operation of the device is provided by Tecan’s Pipetting Software Package.

On-deck mounting optionally allows pipetting during or between shaking periods. Due to flexible shaking speed and rotation mode, optimal mixing results will always be achieved even for delicate resuspension tasks.

Te-Shake highlights:

  • Te-Shake can accommodate virtually any type of microplate or deep-well block
  • The module is available in various configurations that address, for example, heated mixing and/or multiple parallel microplate shaking
  • With its dynamic shaking range, configurable orbit/amplitude and variable rotating direction, Te-Shake allows easy optimization of extended mixing
  • Automated exchange of plates on Te-Shake allows multiple batch processes without user intervention
  • Process scale-up can be realized by parallel use of multiple Te-Shake options on one single workstation

Te-Shake applications:

  • Cell lysis processes
  • Bead-based extraction methods
  • Cell metabolism assays
  • Solubilization and homogenization tasks

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