NuGenesis® SDMS Vision Publisher™ by Waters

Manufacturer Waters

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NuGenesis® SDMS Vision Publisher™

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Process, Control, and Report Scientific Results

The NuGenesis® SDMS platform includes the SDMS Vision Publisher™, an authoring and reporting tool that optimizes the utilization of information collected and cataloged by SDMS. With an open and flexible design, Vision Publisher easily adapts to fit and support the existing workflows in your lab.

Information managed by Waters SDMS Vision Publisher includes:

  • Chemical structures and reactions
  • Spectra and chromatograms
  • Text, authored reports, and comments
  • Spreadsheets and tables
  • Images and drawings

Vision Publisher's intuitive user interface: A document corresponds to a set of pages in a traditional paper lab notebook. It contains all records - and version control of edits
associated with the experiments you are running.