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MultiCheck QC plate, MultiCheck software and IQ OQ documentation provide a complete solution for periodic performance checks

The MultiCheck Quality Control package is an efficient, cost-effective solution for users to check the performance of Tecan’s microplate readers in a wide range of laboratory settings. Different versions of MultiCheck are available for Safire²™ as well as for the GENios™ families of detection devices and allow you to perform checks daily, weekly, monthly or annually according to your needs. After each measurement, a report file is generated showing the assessments of the tests.

MultiCheck is constructed using very stable, solid material, so all performance checks may now be carried out in a “dry form” microplate without the need for liquid handling steps.

MultiCheck offers performance tests for:

  • Fluorescence: precision, uniformity, linearity
  • Fluorescence polarization: precision
  • Time-resolved fluorescence: lag time check
  • Excitation and emission wavelength (National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST traceable)
  • Absorbance (NIST traceable): precision, uniformity, linearity
  • Luminescence: repeatability, cross talk
  • Temperature check
  • Optical alignment for all basic detection modes
  • Injector: precision, accuracy, positioning

The QC software features two levels: the administrator level, with the additional right to add or remove new users, and the user level. Whenever a measurement is performed or a file is saved, an audit trail is generated. The QC Software compiles information on who performed what and when each step was carried out. This information is stored in a log and is readily available for use in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) protocols.

MultiCheck is an easy-to-use walk-away solution. Just insert the MultiCheck microplate into the microplate carrier of the detection system, enter the serial number of the test microplate and click START. The QC software handles all measurements and calculations automatically. After each measurement, a report file is generated showing both a summary of the assessments and details of the results. For the highest level of quality control, NIST traceability is provided for each absorbance and wavelength reference on the MultiCheck microplate. The reference values may be easily traced back to NIST standard 930E with an unbroken chain of comparison. An annual service procedure ensures consistency and accuracy of reference values. This course of action ensures that the reference and accuracy values are still valid and that MultiCheck can subsequently be used in the following time period with the utmost confidence.

For IQ OQ services please contact your local representative.