Marianas™ by Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i)

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Fast and versatile microscope.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Spinning disk microscope

"This has become a workhorse for the lab, we do a lot of live imaging, photoactivation/FRAP and ratiometric FRET using this system, it's fast and the images we get are beautiful. We can also combine widefield, spinning disk and TIRF modes."

Review date: 18 Jan 2017 | Marianas™
The Marianas™ research microscopy imaging system combines state-of-the-art optics, custom electronics, detectors, and computers for both live and fixed cell applications. 3i’s SlideBook™ software takes full advantage of the system's automation by seamlessly integrating components, including x-,y- and z-stage motion, filter control and light shuttering.

• 7D imaging
• Ratiometric imaging
• Photomanipulation
o Selective illumination
o Photoablation
o Photoactivation
o Photoswitching
• High content screening
• Rapid 4D (collecting 3D stacks over time by using the streaming capture mode of the camera)
• Single molecule studies

• SlideBook™ software
• Vector™ high speed x,y scanner
• Ablate! ™ laser ablation system
• Spinning Disk Confocal
• LaserStack™ laser launch
• mSAC™ spherical aberration correction system
• mSwitcher™ galvo-based high speed port switcher
• Synchronization - high speed TTL triggering of numerous devices
• Fluorescence and transmitted light sources
• 3D Deconvolution
• Frequency modulated light sources and detectors
• Environmental control

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