MFP-3D-BIO™ by Asylum Research

Manufacturer Asylum Research
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MFP-3D BIO - The Only Full-Capability AFM on an Inverted Optical Microscope. Uncompromised AFM
on an Inverted Optical Platform.

The Asylum Research MFP-3D-BIO provides the highest sensitivity and most accurate images and measurements possible on an inverted optical platform. The Best Force Measurements – from the Commercial Pioneer of Force Spectroscopy

Asylum Research pioneered commercialization of picoNewton-scale force spectroscopy with its first product, the Molecular Force Probe (MFP). Asylum continues that leadership to this day with the MFP-3D.

The NPS™ closed loop nanopositioning sensors on all three axes ensure distortion-free images on samples as small as proteins and as large as cells – in both air and liquid. The MFP-3D measures the cantilever deflection to better than 20pm (8pm typical) without artifacts, making the MFP-3D ideal for force measurements such as unfolding single molecules or probing cell mechanics.