Initiator™ by Biotage

Manufacturer Biotage
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The flexible microwave synthesizer for fast, safe and scalable synthesis, tailored for medicinal chemistry.

Compact footprint The Initiator is 45% smaller than its predecessor, fitting easily into any standard fume hood space.

Touch screen control Load and run your samples using a touch screen monitor for simple and intuitive navigation without the need for an external computer, keyboard or mouse. 0.2 to 20 mL without system modifications With the EXP function, use four different vial sizes in any order or combination at any time without system modifications for greater flexibility and direct scale-up of milligrams to grams.

Modular design Easily upgrade from a single-sample manual format to an automated 8 or 60-position system.

Enhanced Heating Performance The new single-mode applicator with the proven Dynamic Field Tuning™ feature offers faster heating of a broader range of solvents.

Best-in-class safety All Biotage microwave synthesizers are designed for safe operation at elevated temperatures and pressures. The Initiator triple-tier safety lock feature ensures maximum operator safety at all times.

1-Point Support™ Biotage’s world-class field service organization serves customers on site to provide the highest quality personalized support.