IncuCyte ZOOM™ Live Content Imaging System

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IncuCyte ZOOM™ Live Content Imaging System
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We revolutionized microscopy with the invention of the IncuCyte, the first fully-automated compact microscope system that fits inside standard tissue culture incubators. Now, Essen Bioscience more

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Arjan Van Adrichem


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Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
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Review date: 11 Feb 2014

Application Area: Cell Toxicity Testing
IncuCyte ZOOM™ Live Content Imaging System

"The IncuCyte ZOOM (Essen Bioscience) can be used for many applications, but in combination with CellTox-Green (Promega) one can follow cell toxicity over time. The initial setup takes some time, since the ZOOM needs a reference image library, but after this 'teaching', it's basically 'plug and play' and very friendly in use. If one would run into trouble, the support team is very friendly too! Both the ZOOM and CellTox-Green do cost a fair bit, but the vast amount of data generated is worth it. "



We revolutionized microscopy with the invention of the IncuCyte, the first fully-automated compact microscope system that fits inside standard tissue culture incubators. Now, Essen Bioscience proudly offer IncuCyte ZOOM, the second generation kinetic imaging system. It's everything our users love about IncuCyte, with exciting new features like multiple fluorescent colors, multiple objectives, enhanced morphological processing and increased speed. IncuCyte ZOOM has been re-engineered from the ground up, incorporating everything Essen Bioscience have learned from the hundreds of IncuCytes in the field and the valuable feedback from our customer base.

Three Imaging Modes

IncuCyte ZOOM supports HD phase-contrast, green fluorescence and red fluorescence automated imaging modes. In addition, our Image Processing Software Package allows for integrated processing of all 3 channels with enhanced processing features.

User-Changeable Objectives
With IncuCyte ZOOM, you can choose between 4x, 10x and 20x objectives - and change them yourself in less than a minute, without having the unit adjusted by a technician. This offers users greater flexibility without adding down time in the lab.

Results in Half the Time
We've engineered the IncuCyte ZOOM with speed in mind. With 12 total core processors and other new advancements in hardware and software, ZOOM is on average twice as fast as the original IncuCyte model.

Other Advancements
New Camera Design: The IncuCyte ZOOM has been enhanced with new camera technology designed specifically for the demands of your long-term projects.
Enhanced Database: We've enhanced our database architecture, allowing for a variety of convenient search and display tools making finding and logging your data a snap.
Increased Data Storage: The IncuCyte ZOOM ships with 9 TeraBytes of memory storage, and has been designed to support an external data storage system offering even more capacity.
Improved Air Flow: Larger fans in the unit allow for better air flow and increased scan times.
System Monitoring: The IncuCyte ZOOM features an integrated humidity sensor, accelerometer to detect unacceptable vibration, as well as monitoring systems for fan speed and internal temperature.
LCD Control Panel: Users can now monitor and perform basic status checks and operations using our convenient LCD display, located on the front of the ZOOM Controller Unit.


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