Human HCN4 Channel EZCells™ by ChanTest Corporation

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Human HCN4 Channel EZCells™
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The HCN4 gene encodes the pore-forming subunit of a hyperpolarization-gated, cyclic nucleotide-sensitive, non-selective cation channel. HCN4 channels expressed in the heart contribute to the pacemaker current (Ih) and are therapeutic targets for treatment of cardiac ischemia and angina.

Synonyms: hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated channel
Host cell: CHO-K1, division-arrested
Gene name: HCN4
Mycoplasma status: Negative (MycoAlert Kit)
Packaging: Three vials of Cryopreserved irradiated cells, 2x106 cells/vial (6x106 cells
Growth media: Ham’s F12; 10% FBS
Growth characteristics: cells remain viable 1–2 days post-thaw
Storage recommendation: frozen under liquid nitrogen
Functional expression: median current amplitude = 0.7 nA
Recommended assay: manual or automated patch clamp