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  • Organization: Activx Biosciences

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Rating: 4.3
"Phone support and on-site support both very thorough and helpful."

Review date: 09 Feb 2007 | Gemini™
Gemini is Tecan’s pipetting software for life science applications on the Genesis RSP, Genesis Workstation, Genesis Freedom and the Freedom EVO® instruments including the Te-MO™ multi-channel pipettor.

Features and functions

  • Configuration of racks, carriers,worktable and options (tip configuration, barcode reader and others)
  • Uses Tecan’s liquid class concept for an optimal set of liquidhandling parameters
  • Definition, validation and execution of pipetting methods and functions
  • Timers, loops , subroutines, variables and user prompts
  • Special functions (send single command, run external application, comments etc.)
  • RoMa (robotic manipulator arm), P&P (Pick and Place Arm),
  • Multipipetting Option (Te-MO), Te-MagS™, Te-VacS™, Te-
  • Shake™, Te-Stack™, Tecan Carousel HS™, Centrifuge,
  • Incubator, Balance Washer, 6-way valve, support
  • Tecan microplate reader support via Magellan reader software
  • Data exchange functions
  • On-line help
  • Selection of language (English, German)