FastDNA SPIN Kit™ by MP Biomedicals

Manufacturer MP Biomedicals

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Rapid Method of Isolating Pure Genomic DNA from a Wide Variety of Sources!

  • Isolate PCR-ready DNA from a variety of sample types
  • No hazardous organic reagents are required

The FastDNA™ SPIN Kit quickly and efficiently isolates genomic DNA from almost any sample (plant and animal tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, yeast, fungi, insects, etc). Up to 200 mg of tissue or cells are processed by the FastPrep-24™ 5G, FastPrep FP120™, FastPrep-96™ or SuperFastPrep-1™ with the Lysing Matrix A tubes. The kit includes 3 different chaotropic buffers for the homogenization of a wide variety of sample types and the released DNA is purified by a silica-based spin filter method. Purified DNA is ready for enzyme digestion, electrophoresis, PCR and any other desired application.

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FastDNA SPIN Kit™ by MP Biomedicals product image