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Biotage Process-Scale Flash Purification Quickly purify multi-gram quantities of organic compound Purify up to 40 grams of compound at a rate of 250 mL/min with the Biotage Flash 75™ system, up to 75% faster than traditional glass columns. These rugged stainless steel systems safely operate at 100 psi enabling higher flow rates, purity and the use of higher viscosity solvents.

A variety of cartridge medias provide chemists with selectivity choices for optimal purification conditions.

Simple and reliable. These systems contain everything needed to begin your separations. Patented Radial Compression Patented radial compression technology minimizes void space and channel formation, resulting in a higher bed-density.

Collect compounds in narrower bands for higher purity and yield. Highest Flow-Rate Routinely operating at a flow rate of 250-500 mL/min, these FLASH systems and cartridges allow you to quickly scale-up and complete runs, saving hours, even days, of purification time.

Safer than Glass Columns. All Biotage Flash™ cartridges are constructed of rugged, medium-density food-grade polyethylene to resist cracking and splitting. There is no breakable glass and all of the silica is completely self-contained, eliminating any exposure to silica dust or contaminants.

Faster Separations In this comparison between a FLASH 75L cartridge and a glass column, fractions were collected in 2.5 hours using an 11- x 20-cm glass column, while a FLASH 75L 75-mm x 30-cm cartridge required just 40 minutes to complete the separation. There were fewer mixed fractions and a greater yield of pure product from the FLASH 75L.