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Dye Dots™ are a product to simplify the process of preparing nucleic acids for loading into agarose gels. Dye Dots™ consist of a small, low-profile microplate with 72 wells. Each well contains a single, dry aliquot of gel loading dye with bromophenol blue. Dye Dots™ are composed of a patent-pending formulation which enables easy resolubilization of the dried chemicals with DNA or RNA. Dye Dots™ are compatible with all types of DNA and RNA samples and may be used with non-denaturing TAE or TBE agarose gels.

To use Dye Dots™, a 5-15µl nucleic acid sample is applied to a well containing an aliquot of dry gel loading dye, pipet-mixed approximately 5 times to resolubilize the dye, and transferred directly into an agarose gel using the same pipette tip.

Dye dots™ are convenient, save time, reduce tip waste, have the flexibility to be used with all types of nucleic acid samples, and decrease the risk of sample mix-up, loss or contamination during gel loading.


  • CONVENIENT : Ready-to-use dry gel loading dye quickly resolubilizes with the addition of DNA or RNA
  • SAVES TIME: Simply add sample to a Dye Dot, mix and load directly into an agarose gel
  • FLEXIBLE: Compatible with all types of nucleic acid samples and non-denaturing TAE or TBE agarose gels
  • GREEN: Saves pipette tips and tubes