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Quantify biology on a multi-application platform

The CellReporter™ system is a step forward from conventional microplate readers producing accurate, quantitative data for a wide range of applications utilizing fluorescent cell- and bead-based assays. Intuitive workflows provide full flexibility to optimize and standardize assays from the first image acquisition step through to data analysis and reporting. Typical applications include bead-based assays for hybridoma screening, quantifying antibody production and secretion of cytokines or hormones and cell-based assays for cell cycle analysis, cytotoxicity studies or monitoring protein translocation.
  • Rapidly image and analyze responses at the sub-cellular level
  • Improve data quality - group and exclude undesired objects from analysis
  • Intuitive workflows require no specialist training
  • Quantify cell number for normalization of cellular assays
  • Compare morphology of individual cells using fluorescence and white light
  • Perform assays not possible on a plate reader such as protein localization

To find out more about CellReporter and to keep up with the latest developments visit our website at www.moleculardevices.com/genetix.