Advanced system for the automated analysis of VOCs in canister air

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With capacity for up to 27 canisters and cryogen-free operation, the CIA Advantage is the ultimate solution for laboratories wanting a robust, high-throughput system for canister air monitoring.



  • Accommodates both high- and low-concentration samples in the same sequence
  • Heated internal lines and efficient purging combine to eliminate carryover between samples
  • No liquid cryogen needed, meaning a saving of thousands of dollars every year
  • Up to 27 channels allows round-the-clock automated operation for maximum productivity
  • Robust modular design optimises uptime and eases servicing to minimise maintenance costs
  • Electronic splitting capability and the option of small-volume gas-loop sampling enhance compatibility with high-concentration samples
  • Wide application range – also allows method-compliant analysis of sorbent tubes