CAS-1820 X-tractor Gene™ by QIAGEN

Manufacturer QIAGEN

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CAS-1820 X-tractor Gene™

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Overview: A compact, bench top robotic workstation for routine isolation and purification of nucleic acids from between 8 and 96 samples at a time.

Universal Chemistry: Corbett CorProtocol™ Reagent packs (sold through Sigma) work for almost every sample type, including solid tissue, liquid samples, plants, bacteria, fungi etc.

Inexpensive: Extractions typically cost about 66 pence (including all tips and plasticware).The smart use of consumables means plastic consumption (and thus waste plastic volume) is also greatly reduced compared to other systems.

Versatile: In addition to our CorProtocol solutions, many other commercial kits can be used, including kits from Qiagen, Machery-Nagel, Promega, Invitek, Invitrogen, Ambion, Axygen etc to support diverse applications including DNA isolation, RNA isolation, virus extraction, post-PCR cleanup etc.

Effective: Vacuum processing and an 8-channel pipetting head allow fast, low-cost and continuous processing (no user-intervention is required). Eluted product is pure, high molecular weight, and suitable for the most demanding downstream applications.

Fast: 96 samples are processed in 1.5 hrs.

Tracking: Detailed pre- and post-run report documentation plus the import and export of sample information with most LIMs.

Options: Available with automated UV sterilisation and/or a HEPA air filtration subsystem.