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Biotage Advancer™
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The Advancer system has a 350 mL reaction vessel enabling lab-scale synthesis methods to be directly scaled-up without re-optimizing or compromising purity and yield. Like the Biotage Initiator synthesizers, heating performance and safety specifications are best-in-class.

•  The patent-pending, adiabatic cooling promotes higher purity and yield. For example, 200 mL of EtOH can be cooled from 180 °C to 65 °C in just 30 seconds, minimizing side reactions and impurities.
•  A powerful (0-1200 W) focused magnetron rapidly heats large volumes and the Dynamic Field Tuning™ minimizes reflected microwave energy.
•  A breech lock closure, pressure release valve and automated safety interlock ensure maximum operator safety. System pressure control is rated up to 20 bar.
•  The Advancer system’s powerful mechanical stirring up to 1000 rpm supports homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions and the use of solid catalysts, heavy slurries and crystallizing products.
•  Extra vessel entry ports allow in-situ sampling and the addition of reagents during a run.
•  Use of a Raman spectroscopy allows real-time reaction monitoring.