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ASPEX EXplorer™
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The Only Integrated SEM/EDX System

Now in its third generation, the ASPEX EXplorer is a scanning electron microscope that is designed for the automated imaging and elemental analysis of a wide spectrum of surfaces and particulate. A unique blend of hardware ruggedization and software sophistication creates a system platform that is readily accessible.

The ASPEX EXplorer system provides a fully integrated SEM and EDX platform for addressing the microscale visualization needs of a diverse range of users. It seamlessly provides high magnification imaging, rapid nondestructive compositional analysis, and robust computer automation for size, shape and elemental composition.

Industry uses:

• Forensics
• Health Sciences
• Industrial Automation
• Metals

Industrialized by Design
The following founding manufacturing philosophies enable ASPEX’s units to be installed where the competition has never been:

1.Stability & Reproducibility
2.Minimized Downtime
3.Reliability & Serviceability
4.Evolved Staging
5.Environmental Shielding
6.Ease of Use
7.Guaranteed Performance