AC Extraction Plate™ by Tecan

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AC Extraction Plate™
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The Tecan AC Extraction Plate* with TICE™ (Tecan Immobilized Coating Extraction) technology revolutionizes your sample preparation routine.

The AC Extraction Plate is a 96-well, deep-well microplate, with each well having a proprietary TICE™ coating. TICE is a material with distinct absorptive properties, and this coating efficiently extracts specific small molecule analytes from aqueous solutions, releasing them when in contact with a suitable organic solvent. A simple pipette and shake sequence, with no filtration, centrifugation or solvent evaporation, is all that is required. The AC Extraction Plate is easily integrated into automated processes, making it a perfect match with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform.

AC Extraction Plate™ Features:

  • Cost-effective – Simple pipette and shake workflow, without labor intensive centrifugation, filtration and solvent evaporation steps.
  • Convenient and fast – Just unpack and start, no conditioning or other preparations needed.
  • Highly reproducible – Pipette and shake routines are easily standardized and automated on a liquid handling platform, eliminating random errors and increasing consistency of results.

* For research use only – not for clinical diagnostic applications

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AC Extraction Plate™ by Tecan product image