96-Well Pattern PTFE Sealing Film

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J.G. Finneran's 96-Well Pattern PTFE Sealing Film

J.G. Finneran offers an advanced line of sealing films for 96-well microplates.  These unique and innovative sealing films were designed to address the needs of the bio-analytical environment.  The patented 96-Well Pattern Blue PTFE Sealing Film is adhesive-free around the 96 wells preventing the tacky/sticky adhesive from adhering to plastic pipette tips or metal probles.  The advanced adhesive is solvent free.

Features of the 96-Well Pattern PTFE Sealing Film:

  •  Non-adhesive 96-well pattern design prevents adhesives from sticking to plastic pipette tips and metal probes.

  •  Available in 2mil and 5mil thick PTFE and recommended for temperatures from -40 degrees C to +120 degrees C.

  •  Adheres to polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate materials.

  •  Easily fits a wide variety of plate formats.

  •  Compatible with aqueous solutions and organic solvents.

  •  Can be pierced by plastic pipette tips and metal probes.

  •  Minimal evaporation and cross contamination.