96-Well Multi-Tier™ Microplate System

96-Well Multi-Tier™ Microplate System
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J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc

Finneran’s patented 96-Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate offers an improvement on existing 96-well systems. The unique design provides maximum diversity for many different applications. The Finneran plate ...read more

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Finneran’s patented 96-Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate offers an improvement on existing 96-well systems. The unique design provides maximum diversity for many different applications. The Finneran plate can have a fixed height or it can be multi-tiered for adjustable height to support different sized vials and sampling volumes. The plate can be built using spacers, to hold vial capacities of 0.5mL, 1.0mL, 1.5mL, and 2.0mL depending on the height limitations of the instrument. The plate can hold various length 9mm diameter conical bottom and flat bottom glass and plastic vials.

Many of the assays performed in the analytical chemistry laboratories require heating or cooling of the vials to simulate invitro conditions or for temperature sensitive experiments. The heating or cooling is usually done using liquids or gases. The Finneran base plate has an open bottom so that the micro plate can be immersed in heating or cooling fluids allowing total fluid contact with the vials. This permits uniform transfer of heat or cold to and from the vials, and the plate does not float in the water bath.

The micro plate is available in Topas or ABS materials. Topas known as COC - Cyclic Olefin Copolymers - has excellent clarity, and chemical and heat resistance up to 150 degrees C.

ABS (Acrylic Butadiene Styrene) has good chemical resistance against acids and bases and has heat resistance up to 80 degrees C.

The Multi-Tier plate has a standard 8 x12 format with an alpha-numeric grid. The cover and liners for the plate help prevent sample evaporation and cross contamination. The flat Teflon/Silicone/Teflon recessed liner used for sealing volatile samples, has cross slits for easier needle penetration. The cover locks the liner in place and has built-in o-rings which provide a secondary sealing system and prevents vial pullout. The secure fit of the vials in the base plate permits use with shakers and vortex mixers during sample preparation. 

Additional liners are also offered such as, Molded Teflon/Silicone Liners, Teflon/Butyl Liners or Silicone Only Liners, which plug into each of the 96 vials for better sealing capabilities. The Molded Liners are also available with 96 cross hatched/prescored areas which can be pierced by an auto injector needle.

The Multi-Tier Micro Plate is available assembled with the base plate, vials, spacers, flat recessed Teflon/Silicone/Teflon slit liner and cover, or as individual components.

The glass and plastic vials used in the plate are available in Vial Loaders. The Vial Loader is a fast and convenient choice for loading 96 vials into the base plate. Just peel away the packaging and place an empty base plate on top of the Vial Loader. Invert the entire unit and the plate is ready for use.


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