96 Well CrystalQuick™ X Plate

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Rating: 4.3

"I use it frequently in my crystallization lab. It is very effective for high throughput screen. It is also useful in molecular biology lab for HTP screening of 1000's of colonies and also used in the protein concentration determination. Very handy and easy. makes job more efficient. "

Review date: 20 Mar 2015 | 96 Well CrystalQuick™ X Plate
The newly developed 96 well microplate for sitting drop crystallization

A unique design and an ultra thin-walled well bottom, in combination with superior material properties, render CrystalQuick™X especially suitable for in-situ X-ray analysis and crystallography data collection.

CrystalQuick™X is characterized by excellent optical properties. Crystal harvesting - if required - is made easy due to inclined well walls and a small well depth. Besides bright light microscopy, the plate features the use of polarized and UV-light for crystal analysis. With two flat-bottom crystallisation wells per reservoir CrystalQuick™X makes it possible to test 192 samples per plate. The plate features an alphanumeric well numbering containing a bar (0.1 × 0.5 mm) for a quick estimation of the crystal size. As the footprint of CrystalQuick™X is conforming to the ANSI/SBS 1-2004 standard, the plate is compatible with conventional automated systems.

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96 Well CrystalQuick™ X Plate

Manufacturer Greiner Bio-One GmbH

4.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews